Delegates to the BC Federation of Labour Union Renewal Conference will participate in a series of workshops over the two days of the conference.

Please note: delegates will be asked to register for 4 different workshops or 1 workshop intensive when registering for the conference.

Workshop Descriptions

Mental Health in the Workplace – One in four people will experience a period of mental illness in their lifetime. Responding to mental health issues is, therefore, critical in all workplaces. Learn strategies to decrease stigmatization and better support those with mental illness.

Political Organizing in a New Provincial Context – The provincial election in 2017 was a game changer and BC has entered a new political era. It's important to adapt our strategies to ensure the issues that matter to working people are front and centre. Join us to get started on implementing the workers’ agenda and developing campaign strategies to further our work.

Facilitation Skills for Adult Learners – It is important to make the most of each training opportunity we have with our members. Adult learners require specific strategies to help them get the most value of each learning opportunity. Learn strategies that will improve the effectiveness of your workshops and better engage your members.

Stepping up your Social Media Game – Many organizations have fully integrated social media into their communications strategy. There are many new tools available to help you target your message to the audience you need to reach. Learn how to craft the best images, messages, and video content and how to use paid advertising tools to communicate your message effectively.

Recruiting Municipal Candidates - Having labour's voice heard is an important part of elected governments. What better way than
to elect labour candidates to office? It's our job to recruit credible candidates to stand for office. This workshop will discuss the characteristics of a good candidate and explore strategies and ideas for recruiting progressive, labour-friendly people to run in the next municipal election in 2018. We need to begin now!

Organizing Young Workers – If we are serious about increasing union density and renewing our unions, we need to refine our organizing strategies to better reach young workers in our communities. The challenges presented by our changing economy are magnified for young workers - precarious jobs, high student debt, skyrocketing housing costs, and changing demographics are daily realities for millennials. It is in precisely these conditions that unions can make a difference. Let’s talk about how we can better connect with young workers in our community.

World Café – This workshop will offer a facilitated space for participants to come together to explore themes they have identified as hot topics over the course of the conference. Participants will delve into each topic drawing on their own knowledge and experience. Participants will generate themes requiring further investigation and suggest future steps for the labour movement to address these issues.

Inclusion and Equity in the Workplace – This workshop is for leaders of unions, or people who make decisions, run staff teams, and manage work within organizations. The course will take you through points to consider when trying to ensure that your organization is running in an equitable fashion. Insights include keeping your bias out of your decision making, recognizing and correcting microaggressions in staff meetings, and supporting and developing staff from equity-seeking groups.

Labour Education – The BCFED’s Labour Education Program trains young union members to go into high schools and teach young people about their basic rights at work, how they can stand up for them, and how unions make work better. This is your opportunity to experience this interactive presentation and advocate for it to be brought to your local school. You will also learn important information about BC’s employment standards so you can be an advocate for your non-union friends and family.

Workshop Intensives

We will be offering two, two-day intensive workshops consisting of six hours of instructional time.

1) Organizing within Changing Demographics – (Max 24) Canada’s aging population and low birth rates mean that tomorrow’s workforce will be very different – young, Aboriginal, and immigrant, or born to immigrants. Young workers are diverse workers – one in three Generation Y members have non-white ancestry. How unions engage with and respond to workers will change. What does this mean for organizing – both for organizing new workers into unions, and “organizing the organized”?
This conference stream is open to union organizers. Through four workshops, we will go deep into what organizing within changing demographics looks like, and how we can continue to lead to make sure unions are as relevant to workers tomorrow as they were yesterday. Participation in this stream is limited; priority will be given to participants who have taken BCFED Organizing Institute basic training or equivalent experience.

2) OH&S Legislation Update- (Max 20) Update your Occupational Health & Safety knowledge on existing and new OH&S legislation (both provincial and federal). Improve your knowledge and skills and discover the tools available to effectively tackle OH&S issues in your workplace. This course is designed for people who have a good understanding of current OH&S legislation such as OH&S Committee Members, Union Staff Representatives, and Executive Board members.

• Review new changes effective April 3, 3017, to OH&S Committee Legal Duties & Functions and Annual Evaluation requirements
• Review Accident Investigation procedure changes as a result of Bill 9
• Review Bullying & Harassment and Ergonomics regulation requirements
• Understand Risk Assessment process and legal requirements
• Review the new WHMIS (GHS) Requirements
• Understand how Duty to Accommodate (RTW) relates to OH&S