The Young Workers' School is held at Camp Jubilee. Camp Jubilee is a accessible only by boat. Participants will be housed in cabins with bunk beds. There will be self-identified female cabins, self-identified male cabins and all genders cabins. Participants are required to bring their own bedding, towels and toiletries. All supplies must be packed in a way that are easily transported on the boat.

To keep participants safe from pests like bedbugs, all of your soft goods will be put into a heat room. Please pack any items that are susceptible to heat (medications, lotions, etc.) in a separate bag that can be easily removed from your suitcase or backpack.

Below is a sample packing list:

3 changes of clothes (check weather forecast)
warm sweater
waterproof jacket
slippers (to be worn in main lodge)
outdoor covered toe shoes
water shoes (if kayaking or canoeing)
sleeping bag
water bottle
travel mug
bug spray
cards or small game