Each participant will register for one intensive workshop that will be held over three days. Classes are held in non-traditional spaces. Some class time may be scheduled outdoors.

This year's workshops:

Health and Safety: Mental Health in the Workplace

The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with the tools to create strategies that will support workers with mental health issues, individually and collectively.

It is important that all workers understand the need to reduce workplace stress and to build psychologically safe workplaces, strategies for self-care, and ways to support colleagues who may be experiencing mental illness.

Negotiations 101
Are you curious about negotiations? Want to find out what really happens at a bargaining table? Want to learn strategies to help you find solutions with the employer in the workplace?

This course will demystify the collective bargaining process and help you learn negotiation skills to find solutions for step one grievances.

Legal Protest vs Civil Disobedience
Have you wondered how to exercise your right to protest in Canada? The Charter provides you with strong protection around free speech. But there are rules you should know and what to do if you break them. Some protestors choose to engage in civil disobedience but you should be aware of when, where and how to make that choice as well as the consequences. In this workshop you will explore the legal limits of freedom of expression, the meaning of civil disobedience, how it can be exercised, and the consequences. You will also learn about various examples where civil disobedience has been used as part of campaigns.

Introduction to Unions and the Labour Movement
New to getting involved with your union? This course will teach you about the history of the labour movement and how it works. The course will cover basic labour history and the achievements of the movement. It will also cover the structure of unions in Canada. Learn about decision making, stewards, and all those acronyms! This course is suitable for first timers at our Young Workers' School.

Public Speaking
It can be challenging to move a motion at a meeting, speak in front of a group or make a presentation to a panel or government. The good news is that there are many strategies you can use to be a more confident and effective speaker! You will learn techniques for effective public speaking. This is a great course for those interested in participating more at conventions, getting involved in local government or becoming a facilitator.

Organizing Effective One-on-Ones
Strong relationships are at the core of every successful organizing drive or campaign. This course will help you hone your skills when it comes to having effective organizing conversations. You will learn the basic organizing strategies and then have lots of time to learn and practice one-on-one conversations. Use your skills to build a successful campaign, organize a new worksite and most of all build lasting relationships with workers in your community.